Augustine, Advent, and the “O Antiphons”

The post really spoke to me out of my respect for St. Augustine. The author reminds the faithful that every day of the year we celebrate the advent season, waiting for the second coming of Christ. I suppose the sentiment is why I love the hymn” O Come O Come Emmanuel” so much. The feeling expressed in the hymn conveying the longing for a people awaiting their anointed one is certainly an emotion we can all relate. So I ask, read the author’s post and put on “O Come Come Emmanuel” and reflect on our wait for Christ.

Mysteries and Manners

One of my all time favorite passages from the Office of Readings is Saint Augustine’s meditation on desire:

Why he should ask us to pray, when he knows what we need before we ask him, may perplex us if we do not realize that our Lord and God does not want to know what we want (for he cannot fail to know it), but wants us rather to exercise our desire through our prayers, so that we may be able to receive what he is preparing to give us. His gift is very great indeed, but our capacity is too small and limited to receive it. That is why we are told: Enlarge your desires, do not bear the yoke with unbelievers. (Office of Readings, Saint Augustine, “Letter to Proba”, emphasis added)

I remember reading this while I was studying in Rome seven years ago. I was praying a lot…

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