Pope St. John Paul II’s Last Christmas Mass 2004

I would presume that the Christmas season is a season that causes a lot of adults to reminisce on past seasonal experiences. It’s one of the few times in our modern society where time doesn’t seem to move entirely linear, but instead, it corkscrews forward while circling past events. I was born during the Papacy of Pope John Paul II. Naturally, when I think of Christmas, I think of going to Christmas Eve mass in the early evening, having dinner with the family, opening presents and playing games. However, there’s another piece which ended the night. I remember we’d stay up, at least long enough, to see the Pope on television at midnight before we’d go to bed. For the majority of my life, the man I stayed up to see was Pope John Paul II. Whenever I think of the Christmas of my childhood, it wouldn’t be complete without Pope John Paul II. This is his last Christmas mass. Enjoy.

Scenes from the mass.


The entire mass:


    1. Yes Indeed! I’ve read several of his works. Pope John Paul II’s words on Christ’s philosophy of love are so inspiring.

      Also, I would recommend reading a biography about his extraordinary life, or if you don’t have time, the movie “Karol: The Man who would become Pope” will bring tears to your eyes!


      1. Thank you for the recommendations! I, too, have read many of his writings. I read George Weigel’s Witness to Hope, the Biography of Pope John Paul II and was very much inspired. I have a few movies and documentaries on this wonderful pontiff. Truly, he is a SAINT! Thank you for your commemoration of him on this blog:)

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