Defend us in Battle.


I had a pretty disturbing dream last night; it could stem from a variety of things–maybe a combination. One of my favorite blogs, which is really ecumenical in nature, has been torn apart recently by our differences in faith. I have done my best to heal wounds of both sides and to extend my hand of friendship. A lot of the anger has been generated by traditional views of Catholicism.

Another source could be that I am reading a history of the Crusades written by Thomas Madden. As history is my interest in my profession, it’s certainly strange that reading a book on a topic would have such a profound impact on my dreams. Of course, much of it could also stem from reading Brideshead Revisited and ideas floated around on religion in the book.

In my dream, I just remember carnage and death. The buildings did seem urban and were sort of a clay color that were tumbled over. I walked or ran through an alley of rubble piled up against the buildings until I finally ran into a girl. The girl was tan with dark hair; she was covered dirt and black from the smoke. She screamed, “This is because of Religion…This is because of Religion.” My reply out of fear in my dream was, “God is Good…God is Good.” The girl’s reaction was a long tremendous scream which woke me from the dream. I woke up in sweat, and I felt disturbed by the whole experience. Was my dream trying to convince me against religion?

Notwithstanding, I found comfort with God after the dream. I got my laptop and found this Latin hymn of a prayer my diocese says after every mass has been concluded: St. Michael the Archangel. The chant comforted my spirits and was able to get some sleep again.


    1. I will definitely look for it. I chose Madden’s book being the ‘concise’ history on the topic, him being a Catholic and teaching at SLU (My wife is alumni). Now I do want to go more in depth on the topics.


  1. The woman is complaining and trying to get you to think poorly of the Church’s effort to defend herself from aggressors. Don’t let her pull you down.

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  2. A great book on the Crusades is “Sacred Violence: The European Crusades to the Middle East, 1095-1396” by Jill N. Claster (professor emerita of New York University). It covers all of the official crusades to the Middle East and other religious wars not normally classified as crusading wars because they were not fought to win the Holy Land but to crush heresy (ex. the Albigensians). It is an academic, peer-reviewed, work so it lacks the enthusiasm commonly found in journalistic histories. It is also quite balanced. The major question explored in this work is “Why were the Crusades fought?” The motives changed from war to war. It is a fantastic work!


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