Five reasons to visit College Church in St. Louis

An absolutely beautiful church, I would certainly recommend to anyone if they’re in the St. Louis area to stop by and visit it.

Tucker Redding, SJ

St. Louis is a city with a rich history and religion is part of that history. This year, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, commonly known as “College Church,” is celebrating its 175 year anniversary. One hundred and seventy-five years is a long time to make an impact on a community. Take a moment to find out what makes this church unique and why you need to plan a visit to this St. Louis landmark.

The following video will give you a quick peek at the church and some of its key features as described by the pastor and a few of members of the congregation.

In honor of the anniversary of the church, here are five reasons why College Church is unique and why you should visit.

JESUIT CONNECTION: College Church is one of several Jesuit institutions in the city of St. Louis and one of two Jesuit parishes. This connection to the…

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