We are all Witnesses: The World vs. God


The other day, I was discussing with a young man about the state of the world and his faith in God. He flat out asked me “What is the point of life.” “I mean, I believe in God n’all but what’s the point being here.”

I said, “Well, I can give you two answers, there’s the worldly answer and then there’s another which I agree is the correct one.”

The young man replied, “C’mon man, I want to know what you believe.”

“Fine,” I said, “The point of life would be nothing but chaos unless there was some reason for us being here. The world is not a glorious place, it’s in constant decay, people are starving and dying in the streets. There is war all over the globe. There is something that compels humans to this state of selfishness all over the world, it’s innate in every single person, even in infants. I call this innate nature, sin. There doesn’t have to be any starving, wars, dying undignified deaths from disease in the world, but mankind has thus created the world to work as such. They have created this world when they took a bite of sin and have used it for destruction in the state of chaos. You can see this in every attempt man has tried to become a god in the history of man. Look at the chaos and death the World Wars brought into the world, far more than the entirety of religious conflicts in the course of human history. 

“The meaning of life, therefore, for those who believe in God like yourself is to praise him in his glory , obey his commands, and help others suffering in this dying world until Christ comes again.”

“Well, I hope I’m here when Christ comes again.”

“Me too, but most people, even Christians would rather he not come.”

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t people want Jesus to come back to the world?”

I replied slowly, “Well…because most people have chosen the world instead of God.”

The young man pondering those words said, “Wow…you should be a preacher.”

I laughed, “What do you mean?”

He said, “When you said that it gave me chills…it’s something a preacher says not any ole’ person.”

“Well, We’re all called to witnesses to the resurrection, the reason why most people don’t speak in this way is because they do prefer the chaos over the Kingdom of God, always remember that.”

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