The Secret of Fatima?


In the Latin Community, we have a few writers and readers who read the blog 1P5: OnePeterfive and it appears that this particular blog has stirred up a bit of a hornets nest from a post that was posted one May 15, 2015, by Dr. Maike Hickson. The whole entire story from the Fatima revelation itself to the vague Vatican press release from Father Benedict is shrouded in the mystery of prophecy and secrecy. By allowing one’s imagination to run wild, it was too hard to resist commenting on a story that produces images of Cardinals scurrying throughout the Vatican in cloaks and with daggers.

The post, “Cardinal Ratzinger: We Have Not Published the Whole Third Secret of Fatima,” that appears to have generated a bit of controversy was on the topic of the full revelation of the Third Fatima Prophecy. The post begins with explaining that the evidence given by a frail and old man by the name of Fr. Ingo Dollinger—a personal friend of Pope Benedict XVI. Fr. Dollinger is described by the post to be a frail and old man who may be heading closer to death and needed to get something off of his chest and clear his conscience before he stands before God. 1P5 claims that Fr. Dollinger “unexpectedly confirmed” that he had been told by Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Ratzinger, what had already been rumored for years in Catholic circles that not all of the Third Fatima prophecy had been published in 2000.

Admittedly, when I first read this post several days ago, I emailed Servus about it and told him I felt sick to my stomach by this confession. It’s actually really easy to believe that a dying old man is confessing a long lost truth. Furthermore, coupled with the fact that when most people  heard the revelation of the Third Fatima prophesy it was almost a collective response of “that’s it?”

The blog’s author, Dr. Maike Hickson, speculates from Fr. Dollinger’s revelation that the last part revealed by Fr. Dollinger that there would be a “bad council and a bad Mass,” and that this may be why Father Benedict promoted a renewal for the Tridentine Mass. However, although it is a compelling cause and effect, I am not entirely convinced that Pope John Paul II would have idly sat on such information without action. Of course, at this part of the blog post we get a bit of “love affair” for excommunicate Marcel Lefebvre, which within the context of this story, simply had nothing to do with the post.

Although, strangely, after 1P5 had posted their article and other sites reported their story. The Vatican issued a short press release saying:

Communiqué: on various articles regarding the “Third Secret of Fatima.”

“Several articles have appeared recently, including declarations attributed to Professor Ingo Dollinger according to which Cardinal Ratzinger, after the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima (which took place in June 2000), had confided to him that the publication was not complete.

In this regard, Pope emeritus Benedict XVI declares “never to have spoken with Professor Dollinger about Fatima”, clearly affirming that the remarks attributed to Professor Dollinger on the matter “are pure inventions, absolutely untrue”, and he confirms decisively that “the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima is complete”.

The press release is interesting for a few reasons. First off, why address this particular post that has generated other websites also to write on the topic? I remember as a child my parents use to tell me that if something wasn’t true just ignore it, and it would go away. Most of the speculation and intrigue that is written about the Vatican is often ignored so why pull the thread on this particular issue? Isn’t writing a response on the topic giving it validity? One could surmise that Fr. Dollinger is a credible enough source that there were those within the Vatican that felt the need to address such a claim. There is also the matter of the press release itself; I have read several books written by Pope Benedict XVI, and I feel a vague press release would not be his touch, one must ask did Pope Benedict XVI actually articulate the message?

1P5 explains that this message would seem to contradict a previous message of Father Benedict when explained in 2010 that “We would be mistaken to think that Fatima’s prophetic mission is complete.”

Even more intrigue on this whole matter is that two days later as reported by Catholic News Agency is that Father Benedict will be making a rare public appearance on June 29 on the anniversary of his ordination. Is this announcement significant in any way with relations to the reports on the third Fatima prophesy?

I am afraid that as always, we will be left with much speculation.


  1. Regardless . . . the homily the future Pope gave just before he was elected Pope certainly more than hinted at many of the problems that some say were revealed in the third secret but never made public. Rumors and confusion abound and we are living at an historic time where we have an Active Pope and a Contemplative Pope as 2 members of the Petrine Ministry. That has never occured before and it causes numerous theological problems. The homily he gave before becoming Pope gives a little insight into the problems that he would face:

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    1. It’s hard for continuity of the Church’s message when you pair almost anything Pope Francis says with this from Father Benedict:

      “Today, having a clear faith based on the Creed of the Church is often labeled as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, that is, letting oneself be “tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine”, seems the only attitude that can cope with modern times. We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.”

      He explains what I explained to Jaime the other day. I often hear from Christians the “I” statements. It’s not about you, it has never been about you. God has created for his glory, it’s right there in Genesis, and it’s right there in the Catechism.

      It makes me sad when I see Catholics carrying the banners of relativism.

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      1. You can attest to anyone who comes here and reads that I am generally not a critic of Pope Francis. However, these vague and confusing messages need to stop. Do any see confusion in Benedict’s words? No, but all I remember is all throughout the west the media concerned for Liberalism could only talk about how Ratzinger was connected Nazism. If anyone spent any amount of time reading and studying the man, they wouldn’t spend 2 minutes with that thought.

        The Church cannot play the populist drum, it must be firm in its convictions, Benedict was firm and convicted so I ask:

        “Why isn’t this man still Pope?”

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      2. I think has something to do with his attempt to reform the Curia . . . but at this point everything is pure speculation. The official and perhaps correct reason was a matter of health . . . though he sure seemed to quickly regain his strength after he let go of the reigns.

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  2. First of all, a person is writing about what another person says that another person said. Second of all, there is an exponential function applied here to the probability of a misstated perception about an impression of what was really meant by the statement of the person who was quoted by the second person being quoted by the first about the original quote. That is all.

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    1. It is true: Dr. Hickson is writing about what Fr. Dollinger is confirming he heard from Pope Benedict XVI. However, we don’t so quickly dismiss apostolic traditions, true they would be guided by the Holy Spirit, but let’s not dismiss that the Spirit isn’t acting still throughout the world. Furthermore, on a secular note, if we’re to assume after passing through only two folks that an account is probably invalid, I would presume the function of history has ceased to have a purpose.

      In my historical studies, Dollinger would be an eye witness, so he would be a primary source, in this respect. Dr. Hickson is merely recording what the primary source claims to have heard first hand.

      In this respect, we could conclude that Fr. Dollinger interpreted what Father Benedict said with his own bias and that Dr. Hickson, of course, would be reporting with her own bias.

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      1. So what you’re saying is that your believe the press release is genuine B16? I’m fine with it. But to be honest, if it wasn’t true, I’d rather the Vatican saying nothing.


    1. Yeah, I read the follow up. In the end, we’re all left to our speculations. One of the speculations is that by the Vatican releasing this statement, it undermines the credibility of 1P5 which has garnered a growing popularity.

      CNA and NCR remind one of propaganda mouth pieces more than anything. I do read them, but they wouldn’t dare publish something even if they had a credible source.

      A clear statement from B16 would definitively wipe away most doubt on either side, but I will surmise the press release is all we will ever get.

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      1. Ed Pentin did a lengthy interview with Bishop Fellay earlier this week I believe. I watched the whole thing. I think there is 0% chance that the Society will “cave” on the disputes over the VC2. It’s quite clear on both sides that Vatican II was pastoral and not doctrinal. His Excellency has shared his discussions with both the CDF and Ecclesia Dei, and reportedly both and Pope Francis have suggested that the Society can be recognized as is, because those are not doctrinal disputes. I’ll be curious to see what happens, but His Excellency was very clear that they cannot cave on these important areas. You might find the interview interesting (can be found on YouTube on either the Society’s page or Ed Pentin’s)


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