Stability is the Foundation of a Healthy Growing Culture


If a country wants to have economic growth and jobs for its citizens then it must be able to provide stability and a safe environment for businesses to locate there and operate without shootings, bombings or threats. Such stability of a country or society is the very basis of what we call civility and that upon which civilizations depend.

Industrialized nations have one thing in common whether they are democratic or totalitarian in nature; it is the absence of lawlessness; except perhaps among their own elite class. But when it comes to business owners and production facilities or the day to day comings and goings of an ordinary family, this security is expected and usually ensures the relative safety of its inhabitants and the enterprises for which they work. Without it, there is chaos and instability and new jobs will not be created. Investments will not be made within a country in regards to infrastructure, utilities, employment or education unless that very basic need is met.

The first world countries have always had a lifeline out in the world for those who are fleeing oppression: and as long as these people can acclimate themselves to this new culture and convert their minds and hearts to their new culture they will be welcome and absorbed into the general population. If not, then they must be turned away or imprisoned unless we want to let a civil society return to a pre-civilized culture without safeguards; the result of which is a complete destabilization or enslavement of an entire society.

We should have great misgivings on anything that destabilizes a nation, stresses its resources beyond its means and ensures a transformation of society that the citizens did not want or desire. For the government was there to protect and care for its own and was not created to transform the people from a stable culture into one that is chaotic and unsuitable to live within.

The unrest in Europe today is coming and in many ways has already landed on the shores of the United States. We have unwittingly invited the Third World to our nations in unprecedented numbers without any idea of who these people are, what they believe in or what plans they have once their citizenship has been gained. In the meanwhile, both Europe and the U.S. is broke and is spending borrowed money in record amounts to house, clothe, feed and maintain these vast numbers of immigrants that have hit our shores. Many are receiving tuition, welfare and healthcare at the expense of an already declining workforce that is putting some money into the system for its maintenance. Unfortunately, the taxes these workers add to the coffers only partly covers the expenses and the rest is being paid for with IOU’s.

Instability and unrest is growing. We are seeing demonstrations which have turned violent grow in number and intensity on our streets and this is simply the beginning of what we will not be able to cope with adequately with our present security measures. When that occurs in history, one of two things usually follows; either a takeover by a coup or a breakup of a nation into smaller nations. Both are responses that people make when faced with the choices of stability and relative safety versus the alternative; instability and constant danger.

Has Europe already reached the point of no return? It may very well be. For even if the levels of immigrants they have at present were to remain stable by ending further immigration, estimates are already showing that within a few decades the immigrant populations will exceed the native European populations due to birthrates alone. The U.S. seems to know and not care that this same scenario is beginning to play out on our shores.

I don’t have a crystal ball but if I were to take a guess, the future is looking rather grim for both Western Europe and the U.S.  I fully expect further bloodshed, unrest, loss of industry and financial resources that provide for security, education or welfare; not to mention jobs for working families. But then there is always a hope that Christ is sleeping in the bow of the boat and is only waiting for us to awaken Him so that He might calm the seas and tell us what we already know; that we are a people of little faith . . . or about as smart as a bag of hammers.


  1. I think Europe has passed the point of no return. It’s no longer “Christian” for sure. The secularist control it and maybe some day Muslims. The question I ask myself is what do I prefer? Europe as German Merkel allowing immigrants to flood Germany and the Catholic Pope saying we must not ghettoize them but integrate them. I don’t want to ghettoize anyone, but if anyone thinks they’re going to go back after the dust settles from their Civil War, I’d tell them I have some ocean front property to sell them in Arizona.

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    1. Well the Pope is dreaming if he thinks that Europe, or the US for that matter, will ever be able to fully integrate them into our culture. The culture must change radically to allow it. There are 3 things that are necessary: a common set of morals and ethics, laws that reflect those standards, and the will to enforce those laws. They do not, nor do many of our secularists anymore agree with the ethics or the laws and most of them think (and are being placated) that the laws we have need not be enforced. In short, this is a path to anarchy.

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      1. Honestly, I am utterly confused by the Pope at times. I look at what he says and try to figure out a end result or game plan, and I can’t see one–not even one that I disagree with.

        However, may it’s confusion because it is Anarchy that is the end result, but I still ask the question, “why?” I never understood the desire for the anarchist, not even they can determine results in such a state.

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      2. They live for the moment Phillip. Once lawlessness becomes rampant they will pine for the good old days. In history an oligarchy always comes in to ‘save the day’ and only by force . . . not by a common ethos . . . and people will accept it because it is better than total lawlessness. People want structure and a safe environment even at the cost of freedom.

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