I Am Who I Say I Am: Who are you to judge?


The United States is a great place to live because you can be anything that you want or be whatever you think you are. Therefore, I have decided that I am The Invisible Man. Thanks to transgenderism, nobody can tell me that I am not The Invisible Man and they must respect my feelings on this. I can go wherever I want and nobody can see me or tell me that they see me because, since I am invisible, they would be saying hurtful and hateful things which I would immediately take them to court in order to ensure that my rights not be violated.

Though some people might complain that it is obvious that I am not invisible, the law says that since I think that I am invisible such prejudicial and blatantly hateful speech such as this just cannot be tolerated. Who are they to judge? I am the one who says I am invisible and they must respect my judgement on this. I must admit that I am not the first one to discover the beauty inherent in this national move to respect an individual’s belief in something that is not apparent to others. Walter Williams, in fact, thinks that he is a springbok: http://www.sunherald.com/opinion/other-voices/article79676902.html

Recently, Bishop Paprocki came up with this, which, should it take root in the United States, would bring logic into play. So be wary and know that such thoughts are out there and should they take hold then we will all be forced to live in a society that is ruled by reason instead of personal feelings. So this is what the Bishop said in part:

It is a Mental Illness

The transgender activists would have you believe that their politically correct ideology is based on science; however, the American College of Pediatricians has pointed out that transgenderism is classified as a mental illness and therefore has warned legislators and educators that conditioning children to accept transgenderism as normal is child abuse. They advised, “When an otherwise healthy biological boy believes he is a girl, or an otherwise healthy biological girl believes she is a boy, an objective psychological problem exists that lies in the mind, not the body, and it should be treated as such.”

Dr. Paul McHugh, psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, was so concerned about the psychological origins of gender-identity disorder that he halted the practice of sex-reassignment surgery at his institution. He concluded that the research demonstrated that Johns Hopkins should no longer participate in what he called “unusual and radical treatment” for “mental disorders.”

For the full transcript from Bishop Paprocki, go here: http://www.courageouspriest.com/bishop-paprocki-correct-bathroom

So, there you have it. I give this to you so that you might understand that there are those out there who would deny me my right to be invisible and might even deny a man the right to go into a ladies room if he feels that he is a woman on a particular day. This kind of prejudice must stop if we are ever going to be a country that regards personal freedom worth fighting for.

It’s great to be an American isn’t it?


  1. Trans individuals don’t make up what they are saying. We are supposed to be compassionate. I know what the Catholic Church teaches about sexuality but usury is also still considered a mortal sin by the Church even though no one follows it (if only we did a little). Why don’t you focus on other teachings (care for the poor, immigrants, the environment, etc) instead of conflating right-wing American politics with the Gospel? You have the right to post whatever you want but I find the tone of this blog to be no different than the tone many Catholic blogs take in the blogosphere. I am not interested in being associated with this.

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    1. The tone of the blog is the tone of whoever is writing. You’re a Catholic and I’ve asked you to write to diversify the blog, because we do belong to a Church that does have diversity. I invited Melissa, for example, to write because I viewed her blog and I thought her style and content would bring a different voice to the blog.

      If you want to write on the sin of usury, I would welcome it. Perhaps, we should all strive not to be cafeteria Catholics. However, Fariba I wouldn’t certainly condemn you for making us aware of our sins, in fact, I would see it as compassion, because you are informing souls to go and sin no more.

      It is true that we need to be compassionate to others– you can write that this should be our focus–, but compassion is not also just blind acceptance either. I would certainly state that if you have issues with the doctrines of the Church–and they happen to also agree with a particular groups politics– perhaps this is something you should discern in your heart and pray to God why you differ on the doctrines of his Church and why you blame politics?

      Again, Bishop Paprocki is my Bishop, would it be wise for me to ignore him when he inspires my faith?


    2. I have never had a problem with the tone of your pieces Philip. I may disagree but I don’t feel like you are disrespecting people.

      Servus comparing trans individuals to someone who decided one day that they were invisible is a blatant attempt at trivializing what is actually a huge struggle for a sizeable portion of the human population. I know there are bishops that continue with the same tone but the current pope has discouraged it. I know so many people who have been rejected from the Catholic Church.

      Finally, I care about this for very personal reasons. I was one of those people who for years harbored anger toward the LGBT community. Everyday I have to deal with the guilt. There are people I’ve hurt. I have confessed but I don’t feel like I can ever do enough penance to repair the damage I caused my friends. And I thought I was a good Christian. I honestly did. And then Trump started running for president and I realized who I’d become. I felt like I was standing in front of a mirror. I regret so much. You don’t know this about me, and maybe I should have been upfront about this, but there it is. I know what a martyrdom complex can do to a Christian. There are times when we are being martyred, sometimes we are not. Saul thought he was honoring God by persecuting Christians. Talking about people in the abstract is a huge problem.


      1. Fariba,

        Your voice can be one that speaks with this experience. You may have changed your beliefs because a self revelation; however, not everyone can have a self revelation.

        I do not think you should stop participating in this blog because your disagree with Servus tone, but rather establish your own tone.

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    3. A few statistics for you. Transgenderism is experienced by approximately 0.3 % of the population: 800,000 +. Other mental problems are much higher: http://www.miraresearch.org/understanding/statistics/

      Do you think that mental diseases should be helped by medical professionals or given a clean bill of health from the legislature of a country? I have compassion for all mental illness and have seen a number of people with the disorders mentioned in the statistics on the link.

      Secondly, do you approve of anatomical men using the women’s bathrooms and showering in lockerooms with women and young girls? Do you think this is healthy for our children to see this as normal? Or is it more compassionate to have these people confront their mental illness and seek professional help?

      I come down in the area of getting professional help and I am absolutely sure than 0.3% of the people (far fewer than the other mental illnesses listed) deserve proper care not affirmation in their mental confusion. You may believe what you like and think that these professionals are all quacks who call transgenderism a mental illness . . . that is your opinion and it is becoming a politically correct means of dealing with the disorder. I see nothing compassionate in legislating something that is harmul to 99.7% of the population and devastating to the 0.3% that this is supposed to help. I have read absolute horror stories on the transitions of some from one sex and then back to the other and eventually ending in suicides. Most children cannot be diagnosed (as many quacks are doing presently) before the end of puberty. The doctors say that the homones have not yet had time to let these children get comfortable in their own skins. But then you might think that there really is a man in a woman’s body and vice versa. It is not that different from anorexics who look at a mirror and think they are fat, when, in fact, they are at the point of starvation. It is a mental disorder and needs to be addressed by doctors . . . not the legislature and the President of the US who puts it in the same category as being racist etc.

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      1. Whether or not gender dysphoria is a mental illness that needs treatment is certainly debated and my understanding is that more and more of the medical world does not consider it an illness. I’m not a psychologist so I trust their judgment. Anorexia actually kills people who have the disorder. It’s not the same thing.

        Will gender neutral bathrooms cause trauma in children? I doubt it. It has already been implemented in many areas. It hasn’t caused the problems people keep saying it will. I doubt it will. If people want to abuse they will (be they straight, gay, priests, teachers, or parents). Gender neutral bathrooms are usually just toilets in stalls with doors that reach the floor but open to a common space where people wash their hands. Family restrooms already exist and parents use them along with their children. There was one at my local Y. I never heard of any incident there and I used it for years. Laws that demand that people use the restroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate is silly since many trans folk pass as the gender they transitioned to so following the law would actually cause more problems. In general, it is a good idea to teach children to accept that people are different because bullying is a huge problem in schools. Victims should never be blamed for bullying. No one deserves it.

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      2. I’m not aware of any bullying being taught and in fact if there is any bullying it is on the forced acceptance of transgernderism by our children. We have reached the point where what is taught is starting to cause more confusion in otherwise normal children. A recent survey of high school students found that up to 1/3 of them were gender confused. Now I may be older than you by a long site but when I was younger and my father was younger such an outcome was hardly ever encountered. By the time one went through puberty they were no longer confused or conflicted about their gender. As far as harm . . the suicide rates of these persons far out strips the phenomena seen in the wider population. Hormones treatments given at inappropriate ages and radical surgery becoming usual in children who are prepubescent is child abuse. This has created a ‘growing’ problem which was so miniscule that most parents sought psychological help for their children in the past to get over the initial problems which is largely caused by an imbalance of hormones that rights itself after puberty. It is becomeing a politically correct form of mental illness and no disease deserves a blind eye by parents much less by our governments. Once we had used common sense facts to determine such things: xy chromosones or xx chromosomes. Anything that denies those findings is fostering a mental identiy problem. It is as dangerous to many of these people as is anorexia and the suicide rates and the despair that results (even after reassignment surgery and hormonal treatments) is still staggering. Seems that facts based on simple tests is what should be accepted as objective truth; not the word of those who are suffering from the illness itself. You come down on the side of emotionalism rather than reason. Laws for a country should not be based on the feelings of mental patients but on the objective facts


      3. Evidence actually shows that trans individuals have a happier life than before they transitioned. Still, even if it were a disease, why couldn’t we still make accommodations? Accommodations are made for handicapped individuals (physical and mental).

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      4. Why would you accommodate a mental illness (physical illnesses are far different)? Treatment seems the most compassionate. Otherwise we should accomodate schizophrenics and accept that the voices they hear are believed to be true and therefore must be accepted by the rest of us as being true. That is, in itself, insanity. You can believe what you want, Fariba, but you will need to answer to whether your approach is becoming part of the problem or part of the solution. We have lived as societies for ages without such matters being given any credence at all by normal individuals in society. If we must all change to accommodate which is at best pop science then who is being manipulated and forced to accept that which is objectively wrong on the very face of the issue. A return to common sense seems to be in order.


      5. I don’t know that will happen. I just don’t think we need to worry so much. Science and medicine are concerned with these matters and this is not the first time both have challenged prevailing beliefs. If people are hurting others or themselves then there is cause for alarm. The medical world doesn’t think so and it is the expert in this area. I am not for every movement. I think the debate against GMOs for example is silly. There is no evidence that proves GMOs are bad to human health. None whatsoever. I was in an agricultural masters program for a time and I’m aware of how much fear surrounds these foods on the left. It is silly and the scientific community doesn’t fall for it. I trust scientific evidence. I agree that not everyone who is gender confused should be on drugs. The doctor needs to really consider the patient’s history etc. Most of the time it’s probably something temporary anyway.

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      6. It is indeed and I’m glad to see you admit this. I would also say that a healthy skepticism about some of the new science is warranted: thalidomide, elect-shock treatments, frontal lobotomies, cellphones not a cause of cancer (newest findings is that there is a connection). GMO’s . . . who knows at this point. Sometimes the medical problems exhibit their affects many years after the actual reception of what we have ingested. Something, in this world has created spikes in ADD, Alzheimers and host of other diseases has been on a rise for many years and we have no earthly idea what is causing it. I remember when chocolate was bad for the heart as was red wine. Now what do the say?

        As to GMO’s, the most disturbing thing to me is the production of disease resistent strains that cannot reproduce . . . like heredity seeds. If a blight suddenly appears that wipes out the crops produced by Monsanto or DuPont there would be a world wide famine as people are no longer growing the older varieties of foods. In fact many of the older species and varieties are disappearing. We worry about the loss of animals from the planet but not of our food sources. How many varieties of potatoes can you buy in your local grocery today? I trace the money: it is the Monsantos and the DuPonts that encourage and almost force the farmers to use their products because if they don’t they can no longer compete. So the scienists have a track record that seems motivated by greed or an ideology that will give them a position of power and control over how the rest of us must live our lives. Skepticism is not bad . . . in fact, I wish we had more of it. Science is now the new God and a God who changes his mind every few years. I’ll stick with the God of the Scriptures and prefer local produce rather than the shipped in produce in my supermarket. In fact, I haven’t had a good tomato for almost 40 years now.


  2. Great to see all of you! It’s like I’ve found friends that I thought were lost forever. Bishop Paprocki is correct and I am sure he is constantly shaking his asking “where have all the good men gone. “

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      1. Well if you came tomorrow I could annoint you with miraculous myrrh from the icon that is exuding this fragrant oil. Might not be manna from Heaven but you’ll get that on Sunday anyway.

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