Did the Church which Christ Established Come with an Expiration Date?

Servus defends the Apostolic traditions and doctrines of the Church. I remember reading this when it was first posted, it’s a good read and worthy of a repost. The Catholic Church, which is the Church established by Christ and entrusted to St. Peter, is how Christ has chosen to continue to touch his disciples today, in his holy word, and by the sacraments of the one true Apostolic Church.

Servus Fidelis ~ The Faithful Servant

keys of peter

There is a popular and recurrent theme amongst many non-Catholic Christians that the promises given to Peter and Christ’s gift to him of the keys (to bind and loose), is not indicative of an office per se but a one time gift to Peter and that when Peter died so did the keys vanish with him. Likewise, using the same logic, the powers given to the Apostles after Christ breathed on them and gave them the power to forgive sins was also buried with them at their deaths. Thereby, any Christian Church is no better than any other as nobody has a special gift of the Holy Spirit to lead them to all truths. It died when the apostles died and its a great way to avoid any notion of there being any reliable and lasting authority in the practice and teaching of Christianity no matter the claims.

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