Updates on the Blog and from the Catholic World with the Latin Mass: Kyrie

I am currently detained in duties of house sitting for the next several days. I ask any of the other authors of the Latin Community to post if able as there will be plenty of schedule time to do so.

If any are interested, Servus–who writes for the Latin Community– has re-started his ecumenical blog discussing the issues that have been presented to all Christians in this increasingly hostile world. Here is a link:

A direct link to today’s post by Geoffrey:

Also, I would like to draw readers attention to a documentary on Pope St. John Paul II and the Fall of Communism, which early this morning I read the NCR article about the movie. I have purchased the film and will give further comments after viewing.



For today, I have decided to leave the community my favorite rendition of the Kyrie composed by probably my favorite Catholic composer William Byrd. Again, all writers of the Latin Community, feel free to post anytime.

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