Is Enlightenment Philosophy Moral?

Should Christians value Enlightenment Philosophy? Is it moral? Does it erode the foundation of our society like an acid rain on brick?

All Along the Watchtower


An issue that I have with my American Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ is a beam that I use to have in my own eye. Those in favor of originalism of the United States Constitution, Enlightenment philosophers, and the natural law that they speak, have created idols out of the founding documents, the men who created them, and the supposed “rights” which out of the Enlightenment has promoted the ideology of self-idolization in the form of “Individualism.” Of course, one can make the argument that relativism was birthed from the Protestant Reformation, given a pedestal during the Enlightenment, and now has led to secular atheism of Western Civilization as it’s logical conclusion. No doubt, some friends here will certainly disagree, but the statement must be stated regardless.

We could certainly look to Locke’s anti-Catholicism or Paine’s flirtation with Atheism or pantheism at best, but instead, let’s look at Rousseau…

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  1. Who says no one here has ever thought about it? A pretty presumptuous statement–even rude, of course, that was its goal, considering that in this particular post I quoted the Summa, which does address your concerns. At any rate, you’ve indicated already a disrespect for the dignity of your fellow humanity for their beliefs as an example of your “quality of life.” However, if you care to dive into “thinking” and working out the question, which do you prefer first, the Cosmological argument or the Moral Argument? Of course you partly addressed the moral argument in your response in which your conclusion is little more than chaos then why should I or anyone care what you believe to be a quality of life?


    1. Disrespect? Because I would stop people from deluding themselves and others? Cults and superstition are psychologic versions of drugs: they make you feel good, there are some good things about them, but ultimately they’re self-destructive.

      It would not merely be disrespectful, but also inhumane, for me to silently allow others to destroy themselves, and humanity as a whole, just because their childish fantasies make them feel better. It is “respectful,” to rend them of their pathetic delusions, and teach them basic reasoning – so that they, finally, have the capacity to think for themselves like sane and sentient adults.


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