Beware of the Smiling Preacher…

One of the more appalling aspects of Christianity in the past half century is the growth of viewing Jesus as some sort of insipid forgiveness machine, a pal Jesus who will ever give us a thumbs up, no matter how wretched our behavior.  The Gospels give us a very different portrait of Jesus.  The above reading is typical:  a Jesus who expects much of us and who will punish those of us who fail to match His expectations.  In many ways the above is a terrifying passage because it is so at odds as to common perceptions of Jesus.  The prime mission of the Church is to convey the Truth of Christ, and if popular perceptions of the Second Person is any guide, the Church is failing appallingly, currently, at that task.

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  1. Amen so true!We live in an age of lukewarm Catholics with cold hearts with little to no love for Jesus!All you have to do to get a picture of today’s catholic is look at the comments on catholic newspapers to get a view of today’s Catholics who openly adhere to heresy and blasphemy.They laugh at the notion of reverance and respect for God and accuse those concerned with these things as rigid Catholics who are extremist rad trads who are just not as enlightened as they!This Sunday is the feast of one of the greatest preachers in the Catholic Church,St.Leonard of Port Maurice and I would propose we all read his sermon on the fewness of the saved!If that dosent shake us out of our cold hearts of stone and complacency I don’t know what will!As Pope Emeritus Benedict said maybe it’s time for the church to become smaller but a truer more authentically Catholic Church!Its sad when most Catholics have to go on YouTube to hear authentically catholic sermons and it’s no wonder the faithful no longer beleives in a God who expects us to strive for perfection!


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