Atheism’s Evolutionary Reduction of Religion: Moralism

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“Finally, the notion that evolution develops morality for the sole purpose of helping the human race survive is somewhat of a dangerous statement. From this view one could conclude that morality of itself is unimportant, but is merely a relativistic mechanism to accomplish the ultimate end which is survival. If this was the case, when morality suggests something contrary to the principle of survival, one would excuse themselves from this system of morality and merely adopt an amoral view. I would suggest the same thing that Aristotle taught: what is most fundamental to mankind is not survival but the pursuit of the good or man’s own perfection. All of this is to say that it is more fundamentally the case that man seeks the good, and derivative of this designation of man’s will include but is not limited to: survival.”

Fr. Pietraszko's Corner

There is an ongoing trend amongst atheists to frame religion in a historical context in order to assert that it was at a time “useful” but is no longer relevant.  This way of framing religion is asserted by taking up one of the principles of Evolution which suggests man’s quest for survival is written deeply in his psychology and anthropology.  Taking this principle and suggesting that the most obvious way for mankind to survive is through creating a civilization that is governed by some type of morality is the principle theory applied to religion.  It is argued that with this instinct to survive, deeply rooted in man’s psychology, man generated religion as a means to foster a type of morality.  Placing a moral structure upon a civilization had to be done with a sense of stability, and thus to place such moral ordering into the constant flux of human-opinion…

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  1. ‘Useful but no longer relevant?’

    Well might one say sunlight was once useful but no longer relevant. such is the stupidity of atheism. Great write up.

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