Augustine v. Aquinas


I’ve searched a bit for a compare and contrast of St. Augustine’s philosophy vs. St. Thomas Aquinas. Here is a good break down of Augustine’s Neoplatonist forms juxtaposed to Aquinas’ Aristotelian causes.

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Saint Augustine and Aquinas are both famously known for their philosophical and theological explorations, with Augustine writing in the late fourth to early fifth century and Aquinas in the thirteenth. While they are both known for attempting to reconcile ancient philosophy with Christianity, they went about this task in different ways. Augustine is known for taking a Platonic route, whereas Aquinas was much more Aristotelian.  The two both explored the faith and reason dichotomy, the nature of the soul, and knowledge.


Section I: Faith and Reason           

            With the Middle Ages came the rebirth of the idea that religious belief did not only stem from faith, but also from reason. This idea was no stranger to ancient thinkers, but it reappeared with Augustine. To be clear on what the two are; faith is seen by the two philosophers as a trust in scripture and one’s own personal belief…

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    1. I dont think most would argue your point but it was Justin Martyr who integrated the Greek philosophy and its connection to The Word that converted many pagans which led to these two being influenced. St. Justin held that these philosophers although did not have full revelation held “Seeds of truth.”

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