Church Militant and the Host of Angels-Fr. Chris Pietrasko

I really enjoy Fr. Chris Pietrasko’s ministry, so at the moment I’m going to be sharing his podcast “Fides et Ratio” from time to time.  On this particular Podcast, Fr. Chris discusses our need to develop relationships with Angels and understanding what is meant by the Church Militant. After listening to this podcast, I decided to get a Chaplet of St. Michael and incorporate it into my prayer life.



  1. Great podcast. Very interesting when he made a connection with the rise of lay devotion to St. Michael and the exposing of all this corruption within the church.

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    1. A great podcast, it’s a shame that we’ve failed to cultivate this vital relationship with our allies in this spiritual war. Fr. Chris said, “Well, I don’t know about Angels, so I’m a bad priest.” So, how many of us baptized into the common priesthood know so little?

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      1. I liked the idea of incorporating the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel into one’s prayer routine. Recently at confession the priest recommended I cultivate a devotion to St. Michael through the St. Michael prayer, in my spiritual battle against tendencies toward despondency that harass me from time to time.


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