Hell Is Real. Stop Pretending It Isn’t

Moral relativism has replaced a belief in sin within our culture, which is something that needs to be reversed if we ever hope to achieve a more loving, generous, and merciful society. It makes me sad that The Act of Contrition I was taught as a child made no mention of Satan or Hell. Why is that? How come I never heard the St. Michael prayer until I was nearly 30 years old? We must acknowledge sin wherever it exists, especially in our own lives, so that we can avoid it and repent when we fall into it. (Yes, fall into it.) Hell should be understood as true reality because how could that not give us even more reason to want to run to God’s loving embrace.


via Hell Is Real. Stop Pretending It Isn’t


  1. I think that is too much weight to put on the innocence of a child. Frankly Phillip, it’s disturbing me. There should be a recommended age limit to this, or some caution.


  2. Well, to some degree, it’s suppose to be disturbing. Again, in regards to the dangers of the spiritual life, why don’t we recommend age limits in comparison to children running across the street and getting hit by a car or using a firearm without proper instruction being disturbing and dangerous? We’d rather them be materially safe.

    I think it be more proper to teach that the imagery of Hell is the representation of what it would feel to be outside the eternal presence of God. And such things as Dante’s Inferno is a literary device.

    I’ve known the concept since my youth and I’ve never been afraid or disturbed by it.


  3. Well I suppose. I would err on caution myself. Different personalities are affected different ways. One kid sees this and grows out of it, another develops lifelong esteem or fear issues, like my grandson. One reads a porno and grows out of it, the other plants a seed of lifelong sexual distinction. I know we can’t protect them from everything, but parents planting damaging seeds is concerning. The boy in the article exhibits the latter.


      1. Yes sure. I did many of the same things when my kids were little. My son is living a life of guilt and self doubt. Always repentant. My daughters swam out of it ok. He still takes faith very seriously. I know it’s a small sampling, but that’s my personal experience.


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