Welcome to Communio! A forum for discussion. My name is Phillip, a history grad and theology grad student.

At Communio, readers will find notes and other commentary based on topics that are discussed at Parish discussion group.  The discussion sessions typically run for 6 weeks on a particular topic. We’ve currently had discussion topics on The Church Fathers, The History of Christ’s Nativity, and Flannery O’Connor Short Stories.

The site will also feature commentary on developing topics for books, points of interest from previous assignments and future discussion topics.

Future topics in the works: Prayer, Beauty, Christian Charity, Pope St. John Paul II’s spiritual diary, and Augustine’s Confessions. 

Please feel free to leave a comment for discussion; comments may help develop ideas for future discussion groups. If you wish to support Communio, think about buying a T-shirt that will help you evangelize the faith from Communio’s Teespring store. https://teespring.com/stores/communio-catholic-tee

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Phil, this is Anthony from PWA. Not formally, but from the Patreon site.

    I appreciate your take on many things on Patreon and I’ll be bummed to see you go. It would just be nice to have a rational voice who does this work better than I can online.

    I’m a teacher a catholic high school – but I try not to have that stereotypical classroom with garbage theology thrown at the kids.

    That’s why you’ve helped me, in seeing the robust responses you give with charity; I’ve been invigorated and encouraged.

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