On the Influence of St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the most quoted Saint in the Catechism of the Catholic Church with 87 Citations followed by St. Thomas Aquinas at 61. Naturally, in many respects, as asserted by Bishop Robert Barron asserts in his Pivotal Players series, St. Augustine is “one of three or four most important players in the history of the Church…he is a pivotal figure in the development of … Continue reading On the Influence of St. Augustine

On Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

 via dwightlockenecker.com Meditation and Contemplative prayer allows us to silence a great many distractions in our lives. In meditation, such as Lectio Divina, we can read the text and ask the Lord, “What am I to learn?” In this form, our minds are allowed to explore and be illuminated rather than be reactive as modernity has trained our minds. Finally, Contemplative prayer as CCC 2715 … Continue reading On Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

The Official Communio T-Shirt!

Today Communio is launching its Official T-Shirt. The cross is gold to represent the glory of the cross and resurrection. The T-shirt is inspired by the raising of Jairus’ daughter in which Jairus is told that his daughter has died and that he should no longer bother Jesus. Jesus tells him, “Fear Not, Only Believe.” It is in this act of trust where the miraculous … Continue reading The Official Communio T-Shirt!

Excerpt from My Short Story ‘Abba’

After our snacks and about a half hour of awkward silence on the plane, the gentleman sitting next to me asked, “So, would you care to share some of your story you’re writting?” I hesitantly said, “I suppose so…” I began to read: A typical farm pond; small and deep, no larger than a waiting room in a doctor’s office is often the setting for … Continue reading Excerpt from My Short Story ‘Abba’

Buy a T-Shirt and Help Evangelize the Catholic Faith!

Communio is designing T-Shirts to help fund future discussion groups and youth Catechism. At this moment, Communio has several designs. You can check them all out here! Please consider helping us out! Thank You! St. Pope John Paul II T-Shirt:  St. Augustine Pear Stealing T-Shirt: ORA ET LABORA T-Shirt: Continue reading Buy a T-Shirt and Help Evangelize the Catholic Faith!